KGGTF hosts a 6-month Youth Internship program that aims to inspire youth engagement in the fields of green growth, climate change, and carbon neutrality and to empower participants to become future leaders.

Interns participate in a leadership program that includes lectures from the World Bank, K-partners, and universities, and attend site visits, and complete various assignments. They also actively support KGGTF operations and contribute to Knowledge Exchange visits, communications, monitoring and evaluation activities, and partnership engagement.

Message from Korea's Ministry of Economy and Finance

Sang Kyoo

The impact of global climate change will be felt most directly on future young generations.  For them, global climate change is a crisis, but it can also be an opportunity if they prepare for it from the early stages of their career development. Despite the challenges facing the world, we remain hopeful for the future. If multiple organizations and countries work together to find solutions, we are witnessing infinite possibilities.

Over the next six months, you will embark on an enriching journey filled with practical work within the World Bank, as well as various lectures and exciting site visits. You'll not only develop a better understanding of your chosen field, but you'll also form lasting relationships with colleagues, mentors, and experts. Therefore, I believe that completing this program will not be just a course or internship, but a valuable experience with tremendous potential to change your future. 

-Sang Kyoo Lee, Director, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Korea

2024 Interns

group shot of interns

The 2024 KGGTF youth interns' class was selected through a competitive process that follows the World Bank Group’s recruitment process, in collaboration with Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance Career Fair and three prestigious universities --Yonsei, Seoul National, and Yeungnam. 

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Interns participate in fireside chat with Ajay Banga, World Bank Group President

Ajay fireside

KGGTF Youth interns had an opportunity to attend a lecture with the World Bank Group's President, Ajay Banga, at Seoul National University on January 24, 2024, where he encouraged the active participation of young Korean talent in World Bank initiatives.

Acknowledging Korea as a robust supporter of the World Bank's agenda, Banga expressed a desire for increased collaboration and discussed specific programs aimed at engaging young professionals in addressing critical global issues.

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2024 Interns Outputs

KGGTF Youth interns participate in and contribute to various activities during the program.  Below are outputs that highlight various aspects of the 2024 internship program.



"I would like to express my gratitude to KGGTF and the staff for providing us with these amazing opportunities to experience diverse and eye-opening lectures over the past six months."

Kyunghwan (David) Choi, 2024 Intern


"Not only the well-organized lectures and site visits, but also learning from my fellow interns were absolutely valuable."

Hanna Choi, 2024 Intern


The meticulously organized programs, comprising site visits, lectures, and team assignments, instilled in me a profound sense of inspiration regarding sustainability and the imperative of contributing to the creation of a habitable Earth. Witnessing the commitment of both the Republic of Korea and KGGTF to this cause was truly impressive. On a personal level, this experience has fueled my motivation to learn effective storytelling.”

Kyunghun Choi, 2024 Intern