'EgCITE' grant TTL, Fatma El Zahraa Yassin Aglan, shares with 2024 interns



On February 20, Agricultural Specialist Fatma El Zahraa Yassin Aglan delivered the 6th World Bank Lecture for the KGGTF Youth Internship Program on Agriculture, focusing on Egypt's climate-smart innovation and tech-based entrepreneurship (EgCITE). She emphasized the role of Climate Smart Agriculture and Digital Agricultural Technologies in increasing productivity, enhancing resilience, and reducing emissions. Highlighting EgCITE's transformative pillars and showcasing initiatives like DigitalAG4Egypt, Aglan instilled a profound belief in the power of innovation and collaboration to drive sustainable change. Her call to embrace new fields and lifelong learning resonated deeply, leaving interns energized and motivated to contribute meaningfully to the future of agriculture.


Fatma group pic