Greening the Post-COVID Recovery


Launched in 2O14, Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) is the World Bank Group’s annual flagship green growth knowledge sharing event organized and funded by the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF).

Once every year, the World Bank’s leading experts in climate change and economic development, together with client country delegations and green growth practitioners from the Republic of Korea and around the world come together at Korea Green Innovation Days to share tangible examples and holistic, innovative approaches to achieving sustainable development.

KGID Korea Green Innovation Days facilitates in-depth discussions on major issues surrounding green growth and long-term climate-smart development, and provides a platform for World Bank staff, client countries and green growth experts to network and exchange technical and operational knowledge.

Key Objectives


Learn how Korea, the World Bank and other countries are sharing green growth technical knowledge globally.


Learn about climate-smart and green technologies, policies, and methods from other countries that may support your country’s sustainable development growth plans and actions.


Make new contacts that can help you better implement green growth and climate-smart actions.


Build a global community of experts engaging in dialogue on green innovation and implementation long after the event.

KGID 2023

KGID 785

KGID 2023 will be held in Cairo, Egypt, from October 17 to 19, 2023, following the WBG-IMF Annual Meetings in Marrakech, Morocco. This highly anticipated event is being jointly organized in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF) of the Republic of Korea, the donor of KGGTF.

The overarching theme for KGID 2023 is “Leveling Up Green Growth Impacts,” which focuses on showcasing the progress made so far in green growth and exploring avenues for further expansion. Notably, during the 2023 WBG-IMF Annual Meetings, MOEF is set to announce the replenishment of the KGGTF and sign a new Administrative Agreement, making KGID 2023 the official launch of the new KGGTF program.

KGID 2023 will feature the following distinguished components:

  1. Plenary Sessions: These super sessions will explore multi-sectoral green growth challenges, completed grants' impact, and lessons learned, enriching the participants' knowledge.

  2. Interactive Workshops: Smaller-scale technical discussion forums will be conducted in break-out rooms, focusing on specific green growth sectors, fostering collaboration and problem-solving.

  3. Networking Lounge: KGID 2023 will host a vibrant networking lounge, encouraging interactions among esteemed experts, knowledge partners, and institutions from diverse fields.

  4. Bilateral Meetings: Throughout the event, bilateral meetings will be facilitated to promote meaningful partnerships and collaborations.

Visit the conference page for more details: Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) 2023 

KGID Spring 2022

KGID Spring 2022

In collaboration with Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance  (MOEF), the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF) is delighted to host Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) Spring 2022 on May 2-11 (EDT). The event aims to provide a platform for World Bank project teams to hear about innovative green growth solutions and practices and connect with knowledge partners for potential collaboration and learning. It will also help World Bank teams interested in the KGGTF 2022 Call for Proposals to strengthen the design of their proposals and increase their funding chances. Both the KGID Spring 2022 event and the KGGTF 2022 Call for Proposals are focused on implementation of the Bank’s Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Development (GRID) strategy.

KGID Spring 2022 is a week-long virtual event with a series of plenary and parallel Breakout Sessions where World Bank teams and knowledge partners come together to network, explore ideas, and discuss ways to develop cutting-edge solutions to green growth challenges worldwide. A special opening session led by Korea Export-Import Bank will introduce co-financing opportunities through the Korea Economic Development Fund (EDCF).

Opening Session
Richard Damania

Richard Damania

Chief Economist, Sustainable Development, World Bank
Jun Ho Shin

Jun Ho Shin

Director for Development Finance, MOEF, Korea
Hyoung Gun Wang

Hyoung Gun Wang

Program Manager of KGGTF, World Bank
Seo-young Lee

Seo-young Lee

Program Manager of MDB Operation Dept. KEXIM
Daksha Shakya

Daksha Shakya

Operations Officer, DFTPR, World Bank

Day 1 Opening Session

Opening Remarks 

  • Richard Damania, Chief Economist, Sustainable Development, World Bank

  • Jun Ho Shin, Director, Development Finance Division, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Korea 

Introduction of 2022 Call for Proposals and Grant Selection Process

  • Hyoung Gun Wang, KGGTF Program Manager, World Bank

Co-financing with Korea’s Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) 

Overview of EDCF, Project Coordination, and Co-Financing Application Procedures within the World Bank

  • Seo-young Lee, Program Manager, MDB Operation Department, Korea Export-Import Bank

  • Daksha Shakya, Operations Officer, EDCF-World Bank Co-financing Facility, World Bank


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Days 1–7 Breakout Sessions

May 2: Land Administration and Spatial Information Projects in LX

Introduction of overseas projects and possible collaboration opportunities

Organizer – Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation (LX)

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May 2: KEITI-WB Joint Technical Assistance Programs          

KEITI-WB Joint technical assistance programs and potential collaboration

Organizer – Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI)

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May 3: KIAT-WB Collaboration Projects in 2023

Presentation on 2022 KIAT-WB collaboration projects and discussion for 2023 projects

Organizer – Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT)

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May 3: Real Estate Mass Valuation and Land Compensation

Korea’s experience in land valuation and compensation and overseas projects

Organizer – Korea Real Estate Board (REB)

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May 4: Self-sustainable Road Infrastructure

Sustainable road infrastructure using renewable energy and information technology

Organizer – Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC)

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May 5: Global PPP Projects & Speed Enhancement for Faster and Safer Railways

Overview of Korea’s railway development and key international projects

Organizer – Korea National Railway (KNR)

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May 5: Offshore Wind Development in Vietnam 

Cooperation between Korea and the World Bank in offshore wind development

Organizer – Energy and Extractives Global Practice, World Bank


May 9: Empowering Leaders in Urban Transport Planning in Greater Cairo

Green transformation of mobility and empowering leaders in urban transport planning

Organizer – Infrastructure and Transport Global Practice, World Bank

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May 9: WB and KEPCO’s Collaboration for Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality and net zero projects and international cooperation

Organizer – Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)

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May 9: Urban Resilience and Revitalization                                     

Introduction of LH, carbon reduction policies, and best practices

Organizer – Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH)

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May 10: Sustainable and Resilient Transport Development through ODA Programs

Green ODA projects of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea

Organizer – International Contractors Association of Korea (ICAK)

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May 10: Sustainable Forest Management in Response to Climate Change

Future collaboration programs and projects between AFoCO and the World Bank

Organizer – Korea Forest Service (KFS), Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO)

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May 11: Supporting GRID in the Water Sector | WTR

Overview of GRID approaches and experiences in the water sector

Organizer – Water Global Practice, World Bank

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KGID Fall 2021

KGID Fall 2021

Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) Partnership Week 2021,hosted by the Korean Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF), was held virtually on September 27-29 | September 28-30, 2021 (KST). The three-day event brought together more than 320 experts from World Bank project teams, knowledge partners in Korea (K-Partners) and client countries in the key sectors of agriculture, energy, environment, digital development, transport, urban development, and water. The participants actively engaged in dialogue and cooperation for post-COVID green growth and Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Development (GRID).

This flagship knowledge sharing event organized 22 Breakout Sessions.12 Grant Sessions highlighted 15 newly approved KGGTF grant projects and explored collaborations with knowledge partners in Korea (K-Partners) and around the world. In addition, 6 K-Partner Sessions and 4 WBG Korea Office Sessions facilitated active discussion, knowledge sharing and new partnerships between the World Bank and Korean partners.

Watch Plenary Session of KGID Partnership Week 2021 on YouTube (WBG KGGTF)

Visit Event Website for detailed agendas and session materials.

Plenary Session
Richard Damania

Richard Damania

Chief Economist, Sustainable Development, WBG
Jason Allford

Jason Allford

Special Representative (Country Manager), WBG Korea Office
Kwangchul Ji

Kwangchul Ji

Director for Development Finance, MOEF, Korea
June-Yi Lee

June-Yi Lee

Lead Author of IPCC 6th Assessment Report
Kanta Kumari Rigaud

Kanta Kumari Rigaud

Lead Environmental Specialist, WBG
Hyoung Gun Wang

Hyoung Gun Wang

Senior Economist & KGGTF Program Manager, WBG

Day 1 Plenary Sessions

Opening Remarks

Richard Damania, Chief Economist, Sustainable Development, World Bank

Kwangchul Ji, Director, Development Finance Division, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Korea

Jason Allford, Special Representative, World Bank Group Korea Office, World Bank

Keynote Speech - “IPCC Report Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis”

June-Yi Lee, Coordinating Lead Author of WGI Contribution to IPCC 6th Assessment Report

Panel Discussion

June-Yi Lee, Coordinating Lead Author of WGI Contribution to IPCC 6th Assessment Report

Kanta Kumari Rigaud, Lead Environmental Specialist and Regional Climate Change Coordinator, World Bank

Introduction of 9-Year KGGTF Grants and KGID Partnership Week Sessions

Hyoung Gun Wang, KGGTF Program Manager, World Bank

Days 1–3 Breakout and Parallel Sessions

Grant Sessions

G1: Leveraging Digital Technologies for Agri-Food System Transformation

    - An Agri-tech smart farm pilot for greening growth in Mexico’s post COVID-19 recovery

    - Mongolia Smart Agri-food Systems Technical Assistance

G2: Innovative Solutions for Urban Mobility in Central Asia

G3: Decarbonizing freight for a new era of resilient and efficient logistics in India

G4: Energy Transition

    - Programmatic Technical Assistance (TA) on Energy Transition in the East Asia and Pacific region

    - Supporting Ecuador’s Energy Transition through an Energy Storage Program

    - Ukraine energy storage and ancillary services market development support

G5: Inclusive Sanitation for improving Water Quality in Lake Victoria Basin East Africa

G6: Implementing Green Digital Infrastructure Development

G7: Supporting Green and Resilient Urban Development as part of the COVID-19 Recovery in Mexico

G8: Integration of Land Information and Geospatial Systems for Green Economic Recovery in Vietnam

G9: Greening Textile Sector and Industrial Parks in Haiti

G10: Capacity Building and Water Academy-Uzbekistan

G11: Strategic Green Growth Transitions in Bangladesh and Nepal

G12: On-Demand Transit Service to Improve the Accessibility of Vulnerable Populatio in Ulaanbaatar

K-Partner Sessions

K1: Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC)

    - Collaboration, Integration and Scaling-Up to Enhance Food Systems in the Developing World

K2: Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC)

    - Introduction to Korea Expressway Corporation’s Green Projects

K3: Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)

    - How to respond to extreme weather and climate change for sustainable development

K4: Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)

    - Introduction to KEPCO’s Overseas Projects

K5: Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) |

    - Introduction to Projects under KIAT-WB Collaboration

K6: Korea National Railway (KNR)

    - Railway in Korea and overseas Project of Korea National Railway

WBG Korea Office Sessions

W1: Plastics and Innovation, ENB Team (Invitation Only)

W2: Smart and Green Cities in the East Asia and Pacific region, URL Team

W3: Land and Property Valuation in ASEAN countries, URL Team

W4: Energy Transition Grant Session (merged with G4 session), EEX Team

KGID Partnership Week 2021 At A Glance

Keynote Speech on “IPCC Report Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Base”

June-Yi Lee, Coordinating Lead Author of WGI Contribution to IPCC 6th Assessment Report and Associate Professor of Pusan National University

Introduction of Year 9 KGGTF Grants:

Hyoung Gun Wang, Program Manager of the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund(KGGTF), Sustainable Development Chief Economist Unit, World Bank

KGID Spring 2021

KGID Spring 2021

Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID 2021) focuses on the pressing challenge of the World Bank’s Build Back Better strategy and incorporates the innovative approach taken by Korea through its Green New Deal and Digital New Deal. With Greening the Post-COVID Recovery as this year’s theme, the virtual platform will introduce the transformative post COVID-19 strategies, initiatives and projects, highlight the substantial impact made by the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund, and provide in-depth discussions about future areas of collaboration between innovative Korean institutions and the World Bank Group.

We are especially excited to introduce a new breakout session format for Day Two of the event that provides an opportunity for many Korean institutions and agencies, valued partners to KGGTF, to highlight their green growth activities and best practices and explore new areas of cooperation with the World Bank.

The Republic of Korea is a global leader in green growth policies, technologies, and solutions to address climate change. Join us to learn how Korean technologies and solutions are being deployed, connect with experts, and discuss potential opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

KGDI Spring topics

DAY 1 April 22, 9:00 KST (April 21, 20:00 EDT)


Opening Remarks:

Welcome from the World Bank and Korea's Ministry of Economy and Finance


Richard Damania, Chief Economist for Sustainable Development, WBG

Panel Discussion:

"Greening the Post COVID Recovery"

Introduction to KGGTF:

Mainstreaming Green Growth in Action

"Stories from the Field":

Green Growth Results and Impact on the Ground

DAY 2 April 23, 9:00 KST (April 22, 20:00 EDT)


Parallel Breakout Sessions (K-Partners):

1.  KMI (ENB-Marine)


3.  KFS (ENB-Forest)

4.  KEITI (ENB-Water)

5.  K-water (Water)

6.  KIAT (EEX)

7.  LH (URL)


9.  RDA (AGF)

10. KRC (AGF)

11. NIA (DD)

12. KOTI (TRS)

13. SMG (Smart City)


KGGTF Year 9 Call for Proposals 

Introduction to the World Bank Organizations, Projects and Procurement

KGID Spring 2021 At A Glance

Opening Remarks

Juergen Voegele, VP for Sustainable Development WBG, and Taesik Yoon, Deputy Minister MOEF

Keynote: A Better Future: RISE

Richard Damania, Chief Economist, WBG

Korea’s Green New Deal

Hyungna Oh, Professor, Kyung Hee University

Introduction to KGGTF

Hyoung Gun Wang, Senior Economist & KGGTF Program Manager

Stories from the Field

Grant Success Stories

KGID Spring 2021

Story Map

KGID Spring 2021 - Summary

K-Partner Sessions

KGID Spring 2021 Partners

KGID Past Events



Seoul, South Korea. KGID 2019 provided attendees the opportunity to examine the transformational power of green growth with conference sessions that focus on case studies, tangible results and data from World Bank Korea Green Growth Trust Fund projects.




Seoul, South Korea. With green growth informing World Bank and country projects in a variety of sectors around the globe, KGID 2O18 focused shared learnings of how green growth frameworks can transform challenging development scenarios into opportunities to stimulate economic growth, improve quality of life and build shared economic prosperity.




Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The Fourth Annual KGID Korea Green Innovation Days provided attendees with strategies to develop integrated, multi-sector solutions to use green growth to fuel sustainable development, including sessions on green investment, e-mobility, and technology and governance as catalysts for green growth.




Seoul, Republic Of Korea. KGID Korea Green Innovation Days 2O16 focused on Korea, client countries, and the World Bank are sharing green growth technical knowledge globally and featured sessions on climate-smart technologies and policies.