Youth internship Program Sectoral Report 2023-2024


This report has been created as an exercise for interns to deepen their understanding of the World Bank’s works and to reflect on their analysis of KGGTF’s green growth efforts across various sectors including agriculture, digital development, energy, environment, urban, transport, and water. It utilizes KGGTF’s grants as case studies to illustrate examples of green growth in action, addressing the challenges encountered in each sector.

Written from the perspectives of the youth with a steadfast focus on sustainability, the report also analyzes the limitations for future reference. Despite its limitations as intern-authored document, this report exemplifies the strong potential of our Internship Program to cultivate the next generation of green growth experts or leaders.

The perspectives offered provide valuable insight into the next generation’s commitment to sustainability, recognizing that the success or failure of achieving these goals will directly impact their lives in the near future. The proactive engagement and optimism they showed throughout the program underscore their willingness and capacity to tackle such challenges, offering a promising outlook for the future. We trust that the readers will find inspiration in their enthusiasm, as our staff certainly did.

Read the report here*

*This publication is a result of the efforts of the interns participating in the 2024 KGGTF Youth Internship Program. However, it does not represent the work of the World Bank Group, nor do the views or perspectives expressed herein reflect those of the World Bank Group.