Towards Green Growth with Double Bottom Lines

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By: Seoyoung Lee, KGGTF 2024 Youth Intern

On April 9, 2024, the KGGTF interns attended the first private sector lecture. An enlightening lecture at Sewoon Mall was featured by Vice President Seongnyeo Lee from SK ecoplant, aiming to become the leader of Green Growth in the private sector. 

Vice President Seongnyeo Lee commenced the lecture by covering the transformational journey of SK ecoplant, shedding light on their evolution from a construction company to an environmental enterprise. The concept of a "Double Bottom Line," focusing on both environmental and economic benefits, has been deeply ingrained in SK's ethos. Ms. Lee emphasized the intrinsic link between environmental issues and our daily lives, underscoring the importance of their environmental initiatives.

Transitioning from SK E&C to SK ecoplant marks a strategic shift towards building a sustainable future. With a strategic vision dating back to the 20th century, SK ecoplant has strategically acquired various subsidiaries over the past few years, ranging from Renewus focusing on water quality to SK Oceanplant specializing in offshore wind power infrastructure.

Ms. Lee elaborated on SK ecoplant's five growth strategies, including globalization efforts. The company's tech-driven approach emphasizes the importance of innovation in waste management and energy production. Waste-to-energy initiatives, standardization efforts, and ventures into green hydrogen production further underscore SK ecoplant's commitment to sustainable development. The ultimate goal of SK ecoplant is to create a world without waste and carbon emissions, striving to become a comprehensive environmental company providing climate solutions.


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Ms. Lee also highlighted SK ecoplant's commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, emphasizing the importance of sustainability reporting through platforms like SKMS, GRI, and CDP.

The session concluded with a vibrant Q&A session, addressing queries regarding the integration of diverse business sectors, SK's role in environmental conservation during construction projects, and regulatory challenges such as RE100 compliance.

The lecture provided valuable insights into SK ecoplant's journey toward environmental sustainability, to green growth, inspiring the interns to explore innovative solutions for a greener future with the goal of double bottom lines.

All images courtesy of Seoyoung Lee