KGGTF grant recipient reflects on impactful collaboration with Korea Land & Housing Corporation

Dao Harrison, Senior Housing Specialist at the World Bank, recently spoke with KGGTF Senior Communications and Media Consultant, Jie-Ae Sohn, about her 2022 KGGTF grant, Accelerating Indonesia Climate-Resilient, Sustainable and Inclusive Housing.

In this conversation, filmed at KGID 2023, Harrison highlights progress on the grant's aims of generating knowledge and providing technical support to the Indonesian government to enable inclusive and resilient urban development and the critical contributions that the KGGTF, Korea Land & Housing Corporation, and Korea at large are making.

Grant Year: Year 10 (2022)

Country: Indonesia

Region: East Asia & Pacific

Sector: Urban, Resilience & Land

Dao video interview


This video was edited by KyungHun Choi, 2024 KGGTF Youth Intern