KGGTF hosts 'Green Growth' workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



The workshop took place on March 21, 2024, at the World Bank Ulaanbaatar office and showcased achievements of KGGTF grant activities in Mongolia. Grant teams presented grant activities; introduced technologies, solutions, or good practices enabled via KGGTF grants and Korea partnership; and introduced their scalable impacts through linked World Bank projects.



Opening (9:30am-9:40am)

  • Welcome Remarks: Tae Hyun Lee, Country Manager for Mongolia, World Bank

KGGTF Presentation and Discussion (9:40am-10:00 am) (Presentation)

  • Hyoung Gun Wang, KGGTF Program Manager, World Bank

Digital Development - Green Data Center Strategy in Mongolia (10:00am -10:30am) (Presentation)

  • Amarbayasgalan Dorj, ET Consultant, Digital Development, World Bank
  • Siou Chew Kuek, Senior Digital Development Specialist, World Bank

Transport - On-Demand Transit Service to Improve the Accessibility of Ulaanbaatar's Vulnerable Population (10:30am -11:00am) (Presentation)

  • Munkhjargal Ayurzana, Infrastructure Specialist, World Bank

Water - Mongolia: Utilization of treated water from over melting ice in the “ger” district area for the heating system in eastern part of Ulaanbaatar city (11:10am -11:40am) (Presentation)

  • Dorjsuren Dechinlkhundev, Consultant, World Bank
  • Bolor Dorjderem, Consultant, World Bank
  • James Tay, Water Specialist, World Bank


  • Munkhjargal Enkhjargal, Chief Engineer, Amgalan Heating Plant 
  • Davaanyam Tegshjargal, Officer at the Natural Resources Policy Coordination Department, Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Saikhanjargal Davag-Ochir, Head of Monitoring division, Water Authority

Energy - Battery Energy Storage Assessment in Mongolia (11:40am -12:10pm) (Presentation)

  • Yanqin Song, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank
  • Barsha Pandey, Energy Specialist, World Bank

Environment - Mongolia Resilient Green Landscapes (12:10pm -12:40pm) (Presentation)

  •  Orgil Batsukh, Environment Specialist, World Bank
  •  Giovanni Ruta, Lead Environmental Specialist, World Bank (China)


  • Mr. Altangadas Janchivdorj, Senior Forest Research, Innovation and Technology Officer of National Forestry Agency (NFA)
  • Mr. Altansukh Borya, Senior planning and budgeting Investment officer of NFA
  • Ms. Zoljargal, Forestry consultant of WB

Closing (12:40-12:50pm)

  • Tae Hyun Lee, Country Manager for Mongolia, World Bank  
  •  Hyoung Gun Wang, KGGTF Program Manager


*PowerPoints will be available shortly