Cairo, Egypt: Sharing Best Practices from Around the World

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By: Kitty Halpern, KGGTF



  • Korea Green Innovation Days 2023 sets the stage for a global exchange of sustainable development solutions. 

  • Leaders from Egypt, Korea, and the World Bank lead sessions, discussing their unique strategies and commitments to green growth. 

  • Over 350 global green growth practitioners unite, fostering partnerships and paving the path for future collaborations. 

In the heart of Cairo Egypt, an international gathering dedicated to finding green growth and sustainable development solutions took place. Korea Green Innovation Days (KGID) 2023 titled “Leveling Up Green Growth Impacts,” gathered green growth champions from the corners of the globe between October 17-19, 2023. 

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More than 350 green growth practitioners from Korea, Egypt, client countries and development partners gathered to exchange innovative approaches for sustainable development, learn about cutting-edge solutions, and foster partnerships.  
Stephane Guimbert, the World Bank’s Country Director for Egypt, Yemen, and Djibouti, alongside esteemed leaders like Sang Kyoo Lee, Director for Ministry of Economy and Finance (Korea), H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation (Egypt), H.E. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment (Egypt) initiated the proceedings, setting the tone for a series of robust knowledge-sharing sessions.  

Featured throughout the three days was Egypt's commitment to sustainable transformation. H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat introduced Egypt’s green efforts to address climate change adaptation and mitigation. Furthermore, H.E. Dr. Yasmine Fouad, outlined Egypt’s National Climate Change Strategy, revealing ambitious goals poised to reshape the country's socio-economic landscape. Multiple Egyptian Ministries attended and shared how their sectors, including Transport, Electricity and Renewable Energy, Communications and Information Technology, Environment, Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Water Resources and Irrigation, Housing Utilities and Urban Communities, Planning and Economic Development discussed current and future projects. 



Sang Kyoo Lee, Director for the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Korea discussed Korea's pivotal role in the green growth sector, and reaffirmed Korea's commitment to the World Bank and the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund. Mr. Lee announced Korea's increased financial commitment from $50 million to $80 million over the next four years to KGGTF to continue its work of supporting green growth investments at the World Bank.   

Stephane Guimbert, expressing his admiration for the Republic of Korea's contributions, highlighted the essential collaboration between nations. His words mirrored the conference's ethos of mutual growth and cooperation. 

Richard Damania, Chief Economist, Sustainable Development, World Bank described the challenge of sustainability as a defining one of the 21st century and discussed the question of growth via enhancing the environment rather than degrading it.  He concluded that it is imperative to forge partnerships across the globe for knowledge sharing and capacity building to conquer current challenges.  

Ali Abo Sena, Chief Executive Officer, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency discussed how Egypt’s established ambitious goals are transforming their economy and improving the quality of life for its citizens while becoming a leader in sustainable development for the entire region.  

The dynamic breakout sessions over the two subsequent days facilitated deeper dives into specific areas of green growth. Attendees embraced the chance to collaborate, sharing their diverse experiences and driving forth the narrative of global unity in the face of ecological challenges. 

The establishment of various partnerships was another hallmark of the event.  Egypt Ministry of Transport and Korea National University of Transportation signed an MOU at the event to officially launch its partnership. In addition, 40 bilateral meetings among Egypt partners, Korea partners, World Bank teams and their clients were held, which laid the ground for multifaceted future collaborations aiming at holistic sustainable solutions. 

KGID 2023 was a testament to the collective commitment of global entities towards a greener future, as well as a place to showcase the country’s green ambitions and learn from each other. As delegates departed Cairo, they left behind the promise of strengthened ties, innovative collaborations, and a shared vision for a sustainable future. 

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