Publication | Lessons from Korea’s Energy Efficiency Policies in the Industrial Sector

Korea energy   In an economy driven by its vital industrial sector, tackling the advancing threats of high energy consumption and GHG emissions has been a key challenge for pursuing energy efficiency in Korea.

  “Korea's efforts in industrial energy efficiency demonstrate that a long-term vision,  built-up through     partnerships, and coordination could lead to policy effectiveness through improved efficiency gains” said co-  authors Anwar Aridi, Senior Private Sector Specialist, FCI, and Joo Sueb Lee, Senior Economist, FCI.

  This report offers a comprehensive overview of Korea’s energy efficiency policy experience, featuring six specific examples of current supply- and demand-side policy instruments based on distinct modalities. 

  The report was made possible by a grant from the Korean Ministry of Economy and Finance, provided through the Seoul Center for Finance and Innovation and the WBG Korea Office.

 Download the report here.