K-water and Korean startups showcased innovative and smart water technologies at CES 2023

CES 2023

K-water, Korea's state-owned water resources management corporation and key knowledge partner of the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF), participated in Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023). The CES 2023 was the largest international electronics and tech event held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2023. K-water attended this IT trade show with 14 Korean water startups and introduced 10 innovative water technologies including smart dam safety, blue-green algae management, and smart purification plant. At the K-water booth located in the Eureka Park Hall under the theme of “Water, Energy, City and Nexus”, 14 Korean water companies exhibited innovative new technologies and products such as IT monitoring service for water quality and IoT-powered indoor air quality monitoring solutions and a digital twin-based smart city service 3D platform. K-water aimed to promote the Korean water industry and a win-win growth with Korean water startups at CES 2023.

Seven Korean startups, such as BTE Inc. and WI.Plat, out of 14 water companies were awarded for the "Best of Innovation" by Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which is the organizer of the CES 2023. Korean innovative technologies and products included a portable device that can detect pollution on-site (Simple Grow), Intelligent Water Leakage Management System (WI.Plat), a multi-purpose and integrated hydrogen recharger (BTE Inc.), energy-independent green hydrogen power generation system (K-WATERCRAFT), and a robot-based water management solution that automatically monitors, prevents pollution, and explores the drainage path environment (ARTWA). The Korean technologies received great attention and recognition for safe, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly innovation. 

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