Reducing plastic waste to get "clean and green" in Lao PDR

Plastic waste

TTL: Maurice Rawlins (Senior Environmental Specialist), East Asia and the Pacific Region

Plastic waste is posing the biggest threat to the environment and public health amid rapid economic growth and urbanization in Lao PDR. The World Bank Blog on Plastic Waste Management in Lao PDR features how plastic waste affects fish catches, blocks drains, and causes pollution and health problems. The blog shares a video on Lao Facebook, showing that the country takes the initiative to address environmental challenges and change people's behaviors. 

KGGTF Year 7 Grant - Pollution Solutions for Lao PDR's Green Growth Policy and Investment Agenda - supported the development of the National Green Growth Strategy 2030 for promoting green economic growth and tackling solid waste and plastics challenges. The national strategy focuses on reforms that aim to raise the seriousness of environmental pollution and provide citizens with financial incentives to encourage them to recycle and reuse the plastic waste.


Report get cleanFunded by KGGTF and PROBLUE, the grant team published the new World Bank report, Get CLEAN and GREEN - Solid Waste and Plastic Management in Lao PDR. The report is designed as a tool for planning and decision-making to reduce plastic pollution and provides a basis for better solid waste management. 

The report emphasizes 1) the adoption of regulations, economic instruments and voluntary activities for plastics management, 2) the focus on the top 10 plastic products, 3) gradual implementation of simple and low-cost actions, and 4) engagement with the private sector for plastic reduction and recycling.