The 1st Joint Webinar of KGGTF and KWPF - Supporting a Vibrant Digital Agricultural Ecosystem in Africa


Disruptive Agricultural Technologies(DATs) are revolutionizing farming landscape in Africa. DATs create a digital platform where agri-tech innovators, financial institutions and policymakers can provide farmers with an easy access to one-stop services and markets for enhanced productivity and financial resilience.

Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF) and Korea-World Bank Partnership Facility (KWPF) hosted the 1st Joint Webinar to showcase DATs for "Supporting a Vibrant Digital Agricultural Ecosystem in Africa." The two funds supported the scaleup of Africa's DAT programs which leverage government initiatives, local start-ups and Korean expertise and stimulate an ecosystem of agricultural innovation. Three leading experts from the World Bank, Korea and Uganda explained how DATs would evolve, innovate, and overturn the agriculture in Africa.

Presentation 1 by Jeehye Kim (Senior Agriculture Economist, The World Bank)
Presentation 2 by Ahimbisibwe Denis (Founder & Managing Director of Jabba Soil Laboratories & Engineering in Uganda)
Presentation 3 by Jae Jak Nam (Head of Korea Precision Agricultural Research Institute)


Jeehye Kim "Agricultural innovation in Korea was led both by the government and the private sector. This model can be replicated in any country where there is a government will. Our role is to facilitate technologies and government initiatives which already generate lessons. Documenting and providing evidence will help other regions follow and learn from those lessons. I look forward to continuous supports from KGGTF and KWPF for scaling up these efforts." — Jeehye Kim


Watch the 1st Joint Webinar of KGGTF and KWPF - Supporting a Vibrant Digital Agricultural Ecosystem in Africa