President Moon Jae-in promised carbon neutrality by 2050 at COP26

Presient moon


President Moon Jae-in addressed at World Leaders Summit for 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).

He made three promises and one proposal:

  1. Upgrading its 2030 Nationally Determined Contributions and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40 percent relative to the level in 2018,

  2. Leading collective forest restoration efforts and strengthening inter-Korean forestry cooperation for reforestation in the Korean Peninsula, and

  3. Joining the global efforts to reduce coal use by putting a complete end to coal-fired power generation by 2050.

President Moon proposed that the Youth Climate Summit be held on a regular basis and emphasized joint efforts of older and younger generations to achieve carbon neutrality.

Listen to his speech in Korean or English.

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