Green Growth Strategies and Priorities - Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Development (GRID)

Annual Report 2020-2021


Please read the annual report to learn more.

The Korean Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF) stands out at the World Bank for its global multi-sectoral
approach to resolving the challenging issues it takes on. A review of the Trust Fund’s annual report will
quickly show how the strategy is central to green growth and how the Trust Fund is working to support
regions around the world. You’ll learn how KGGTF responded to the pandemic by investing in the
development of the RISE Framework. The Diagnostic is based on an assessment of a country’s
performance across four key pillars of development: Resilience, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Efficiency
(RISE). These RISE pillars are key to achieving the goals of a fairer, more efficient, and sustainable
economy. Despite the pandemic’s disruptions, KGGTFs’ work continued and even expanded. To date,
funds disbursed by KGGTF have leveraged over $14 billion in World Bank lending and external cofinancing:
an astonishing $160 in lending for every $1 invested.